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About Us

Miramichi Accessible Transit is a non-profit incorporated service providing transportation, which enables our clients to perform the necessities of life that most of us take for granted. Our service also includes senior citizens who are finding it difficult to continue to operate their own vehicle due to health reasons and the high cost of living.

Our association also offers other services such as:

A loan cupboard of technical aids to people who are in need and there is no time limit on the borrowing or cost. With the help of our volunteers, we sell tickets, have yard sales, barbeques and many other ventures to assist with covering rising costs for fuel, insurance, supplies, utilities, and other maintenance of the buses.

This is a service that is vital to our community and we are asking for your help so that we may continue to keep our service operating.

Caring for one another is part of being a good citizen.

How You Can Help:

Miramichi Accessible Transit Inc. offers transportation to challenged individuals enabling them to attend school, maintain employment, obtain medical service and partake in community life. This service is also available to seniors on a demand basis at a low cost to the individual. Miramichi Accessible Transit assists in supplying or locating equipment needed by individuals either for long term or temporary use.

What you may not know is that services with the help of the city and a contract from the school board for the students, are financed almost entirely through fundraising. The costs associated with providing such a service are large and are increasing every day; just fuel and insurance require a major effort to maintain. Many thanks to the City of Miramichi for recognizing the need of the service in 2014 and increasing their contribution.

We need help! If as an individual or as a group there is any way you may provide help, the volunteers, the service providers and the people who use the services would be grateful. Please contact us at:

Miramichi Accessible Transit Inc
21 Walsh Avenue
Miramichi, NB E1N 3A6
or call (506) 773-9437 

To make a secure online donation, please click here.

Miramichi Accessible Transit
21 Walsh Avenue, PO 280,
Miramichi, New Brunswick
E1N 3A6

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